Kourtney *They/Them*

Braided Piece

Kourtney Dunning Love isn’t scary until it’s associated with violence The first time I remember seeing blood I was 4 years old running down the hall to my mother who was vacuuming the tile floor of the kitchen. I trip... Continue Reading →

Into Thy Self

a small piece that you will either figure out or not. If you understand my subtextual references, shout me out


Right now I am in a dead space and it is February 2017, a place where I am coming to the realization that I don’t have what I need to make it to the future. I don’t have the answers,... Continue Reading →

Childhood Preservation Archive: Survival Act Part 1

Hi yall! This is Kourtney (they/them). This is my first post and I used the prompt "I remember". Trigger for suicidal ideation. Written 1/22/2017. Thanks for reading!   I remember playing in traffic on Val Vista, the busiest street in... Continue Reading →

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